Women Engineering Graduates


Check out this blog! The post is about engineering culture and the impact of unconscious bias on gender roles.

Congratulations to this year's Outstanding Woman in Engineering award recipients! The winners were Kristina Bishard (BMED), Allie Davis (CE), Cristina Formaini (CS), Nicole O'Hearne (ARCHE), and Jessica Pease (CS). Click here to learn more about these extraordinary female engineers!

Upcoming events

April 17, 2015 Open House Panel Dicussion

May 15, 2015: Fall WEP Industry Advisory Board (IAB) Meeting

For a detailed calendar of SWE and WEP events, click here.

Did you know?

+ Engineers make a difference!

780 million people lack access to clean water; approximately 1 in 9 people. Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water-related illness. Lack of sanitation is the world's leading cause of infection.


Cal Poly Students Create Beach Walker for Local Special Olympic Athlete: These college seniors designed and built a beach walker for an 8 year old athlete with cerebral palsy.  

Engineers Without Borders: EWB-Cal Poly is working towards providing clean drinking water in Thailand, improving sanitation in India,and improving overall health in Nicaragua.

Engineering World Health: "EWH finds innovative solutions to overcome technical challenges impacting health care in developing countries."

+ Many companies recruit from Cal Poly.

Average starting salary: $63,000

Highest starting salary: $115,000

In 2011, 93% of graduates were employed or went to grad school.

-Graduate Status Report

DisneyImagineer That! "Join the talented team that develops and delivers unparalleled creative content to audiences around the world."

+ You CAN change your major.

Almost 90% of CP students didn’t decide to be an engineer until High School.

"Over 30% of our students change majors [successfully.]” –Removing Hurdles Towards Progress to Degree: Curricular, Poly, and Technical Challenges

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